Where it all began...

Our story began whilst I was studying Law at university back in 2012. My best friend Kerry and I often travelled away together and over time, I realised that she NEVER smiled in pics, something which kinda started bugging me so I had to ask why.

Kerry told me that it was because her teeth were really yellow and that she felt embarrassed smiling in front of people.’

We had a chat about this and Kerry told me that she believed her teeth were yellower than most people’s as she was an avid coffee drinker. I was thinking ‘how many other coffee drinkers are there?’ She was into getting up early for the gym and then cracking on with a jam-packed day of studying hence the constant caffeine. Kerry also mentioned that she has had around 6 or 7 fillings, all within the last 5-6 years. She was genuinely quite worried as her stains were really deep stains and admitted:

“I'm afraid to smile a lot so I became very shy once I realised how yellow they actually are. All I want is a smile I can confidently show people.”

I felt bad for Kerry and wanted to help her overcome this problem she has and help restore her beautiful smile, and in turn, her confidence.

It was important that I understood what people’s opinion was about a smile and teeth colour, so I asked a few of my uni classmates and friends in the student’s union about ‘what colour do you think teeth should be?’ and as expected, many replied with something along the lines of ‘a nice, pearly white smile. Yellow teeth have earned a bit of a bad reputation, especially in our society where a shiny, white smile is the ideal.

I also realised from the little informal research that I did, that Sooo many people have the same problem. They’re self conscious about smiling! What is the reason for this? Are people negative or paranoid? Are they so concerned with what people think of them that they behave differently in public? Are they trying to fit into a particular social circle? I wanted to dive into this more and help find a solution to restore people’s pearly white’s and confidence in how they feel.

My name is Lucy and this is where my mission began.

So what causes yellow teeth? I have a pretty good idea...

After scouring through a few dentistry books in the University library and doing a few online searches I came to realise that some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration were bad oral hygiene, tobacco products, certain foods, wine and other beverages. Now I can’t exactly stop people from eating, drinking or smoking so I then went on the hunt to find out what solutions were available for teeth whitening.

I called about 4 or 5 dentists and asked them whether they offer teeth whitening services. All of them answered in the affirmative however, their prices ranged from £1400-£1900. Wow! Most people are unable to afford the staggering prices that a Dentist will charge a patient to whiten their teeth and reverse years of tooth stains and discolouration.

There were also a bunch of home teeth whitening remedies that were available which we had tried yet to no avail. Some of the common issues Kerry faced were that the gel felt sensitive on her gums, or even sometimes caused pain. If it wasn’t that then the mouthpiece felt extremely uncomfortable and there were also systems to whiten your teeth that simply didn’t work.

Here I was with this 21 year old fitness fanatic, ready to graduate and enter the world of work and she cannot even bring herself around to show her teeth to anyone.


After what seemed like endless conversations with dental professionals & suppliers, much digging around, sweat and serious lack of sleep, we finally managed to formulate our own At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit that not only whitens your teeth with only 9 minutes use, but at a fraction of the cost of a dentist. All this without any pain or sensitivity. And the best part is, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

MSGLOW was born

MSGLOW's teeth whitening products are based on scientific research. Our objective is to only deliver qualitative teeth whitening products with the best ingredients and proprietary formula with the help of UK dental specialists.

MSGLOW is a cruelty-free brand which is a part of our mission. We never test on animals.